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Table of Contents...
Cost effective ways to easily move your photo collection to the digital age.
How to turn your digital camera into copy copier making machine.
Includes "video segments" showing exactly how to get great results copying, slides, negatives and prints.
What's the best digital camera to buy to convert your 35mm slides, negatives & prints to digital images. (Gives the camera features you should look for.)
Which is better  - a digital movie camera or a digital still camera for copying? (Pros & Cons)
How to copy large pictures with a device you can make that's easy and fast?
How to take advantage of the explosion in digital photography.
How to remove the orange mask from color negatives.
How to light your Slides, Negatives and Prints to get the best copies.
Techniques for mounting your photos for rapid copying.
Which photo editing software to buy that's easy to use and gives great results.
How to use a digital movie camera to copy your photos.
What's the best way to copy a color negative?
How to create computerized photo albums.
How to create a memorial CD for family & friends.
How to make your very own ShotCopy device.
Articles on Digital cameras and techniques.
How to turn your slides, negatives and prints into a multimedia presentation.
The future of digital photography - Where's it going?
What camera is the best to buy to copy your photos?
Great Ideas Compilation of Tips & Tricks
Digital Camera Websites that will expand your horizons and make you a digital camera expert.


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